Before ash (prima della cenere)                                                                                                         

Created and directed: Valentina Cidda

performers: Beniamino Brogi, Caterina Cidda, Alessio Mariottini, Mirco Sassoli, Agnese Verdelli

and the partecipation of Matteo Grotti e Maria Clara Verdelli

Music: Malima-Ophiuco,

Intro sounds from "Qoelet" of Andrea Chimenti and Fernando Maraghini - ed. "I taccuini".

Light designer: Marcello Lumaca


You enter in the dark. You pause in the dark. You wait in the dark. Something has to happen. It happens. The memory of God death. Or the human death. Or the death of both. There are bodies of stone and stones without bodies, thoughts, gazes, allusions that bend, that roll, that drag avalanches. Living the "time before ashes".... living it like if nothing was passed, and nothing never pass from the dawn of humanity, like if never was existed a time out of it. Anger dominates. A anger that flows, like if it was the bottom of the river where the humanity flows from millions of Years.

A slow anger... thin... delicate... tight... extended...

Slowness. Weight. Resistance. Shiver. Rubbles.

The river flows. And "the humanity... stay... suspended... in the meanwhile"

                                                   photo by Stefano Santoni