Born (2014)


Created and directed: Valentina Cidda

Text: Valentina Cidda, Giovanna Strivieri

Voices: Valentina Cidda con Caterina Cidda,

         Emanuela Filippelli, Marco Perfetto, Mirco Sassoli, Cecilia Ventriglia


Performers: SAYOKO ONISHI and Valeria Bassi, Caterina Cidda, Emanuela Filippelli,

         Mirco Sassoli, Cecilia Ventriglia


Costume designer: Ayumi Makita

Light designer: Giovanni Monzitta

Music: Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Max Richter, Demdike Stare,

                Bloody Beetroots, Stefano Santoni


Production: Dulcamarateatro

Support by: Comune di Lucignano (Ar)




To narrate the changing shapes in new bodies
pushes me the inspiration. O Gods, if your are these metamorphoses,
inspired my design, so that the song from the beginning
of the World come down uninterrupted until my days.

OVIDIO - Metamorphoses


A voyage from one end to the beginning, where the start and the end are nothing more then the white half and the black half of the same impressive moon.

The end is an end of the world.

No matter when and where this symbolic apocalypse occurred, only five creatures of different humanities survived, wrapped in black wraps as dark wombs, new pulsing bellies for unsuspecting embryos which forgot everything ... or nearly everything.

The beginning is the start of their journey. Like in a lucid dream the five characters on stage go through five passages leading them from darkness to the dawn of an authentic, alive and vibrating presence; from the emptiness to the plenitude of the Everything unfolded in front of their eyes widening open just in the final moments.

During their troubled path the action on the stage is driven, in its dreamlike fluidity, by a mysterious presence (Sayoko Onishi) like a cosmic consciousness pulling human strings with loving control, determination and patience. A wide eyes spirit seeing what is sealed off from human eyes.

At the end of the show, the five human identities are ready to the pending unknown which remains suspended for the public eye; what will happen from then on, following the dark end, it's all left to the audience imagination: everything to be felt, in his extraordinary and sacred potential, becoming "the new real-time."

This story is the story of the "born", the story of those who have made, in an irrevocable act, the conscious and very tough choice to be born in a pure conscience, hear and soul, with roots in earth and in heaven.