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Tuesday 31 march 2009


Butoh dance is one of the most interesting expressions of contemporary dance theater. It begins in Japan in '59 with atsumi Ijikata and Kazuo Hono, and poses as a rebellion against the inhuman civilization that brought with it the atomic bomb, the massification and the Americanization of Japanese society.

SICILIAN SPRING characterized by the use of a two-faced mask, presented for the first time in Tokyo in January 2006, the show won the First Prize & quot; Die Platze & quot; at the Tokyo Contemporary Dance Festival. The revised and corrected tradition of modern Japan meets the disharmony of the contemporary European, the ritual and melancholy echo of the Sicilian cunto.

MAGNIFICAT 2 Show inspired by the myth of Jocasta, mother and wife of Oedipus: forbidden eroticism, motherhood and its collapse.

Sayoko Onishi www.butoh.it

Thanks for the collaboration at Association Sosta Palmizi - Cortona (Ar)

Friday 22 August 2008


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IN THE PRINCIPLE: Chronicle of the Hindu creation

An ALMACEN production associated artists

With the contribution of the "Teatro Stabile della Toscana-Teatro Metastasio" of Prato

Written and directed by Maria Erica Pacileo

With Fernando Maraghini


A show in which Fernando Maraghini, in the role of himself, takes advantage of the encounter with the public to talk about the Hindu creation according to the myth of Prajapati through the study of very ancient poetic texts such as the Rgveda that date back to 1800- 1500 a.C.

The engine of this interest finds its pretext in a sentence "Thansk to God, i'm here" as a child from his maternal grandmother, almost like a sort of mantra. The text recited by Fernando ranges from poetry to philosophy, to myth, giving form to a cosmogony of words and emotions that explore the roots of our origin traveling through the Hindu tradition..

"Tilak" in concert

Raag contamination duo


 Sitar, Saze and percussions of various kinds, combined with a lively pulse of electronics... a journey to distant lands accompanied by continuous discharges of energy to the sound state.

Tilak Raag Contamination duo

 Francesco Landucci :Sitar, electronics

 Matteo Scarpettini : Tabla, percussion

t's part of collective TILAK, which was born in 1996 as an experimental project of Francesco Landucci. Initially he saw the union of Music and Poetry reciting, the poems of Rabindranath Tagore, taken from the Gitanjalied collection accompanied by the mystical sound of the sitar. With other musicians he plays especially on the occasion of street artists festivals and parties.

The project changes in the years, thanks above all to the use of technologies (drum machine,computer,synth ect) nevertheless approach the instruments played.

AlSome important participations are: XI Biennale of young Mediterranean artists held in ATHEN, Follia Rotolante Tour trasmitted on RAI 2 , VIII edition of Milano Film Festival ,"The sound magical garden" Festival held in Switzerland.

Monday 21 julyo 2008 at 91.30pm

festival VISIONI - art landscapes with views of theater


(theater of Anghiari)

Clash to punk story of province

by and with Andrea Merendelli + stra combat rock live band




clash to me
punk story of province
by and with
andrea merendelli
+ stra combat rock live band

The project CLASH TO ME starts from afar. CLASH TO ME is a history played, sung and told with anger, black moods and irony.

Born from the deep and visceral love for the musical adventure of the CLASH, "the only band that matters", as it has been defined by the greatest rock critic of all time, Lester Bangs.

CLASH TO ME born from the memories of 25 years of Italy, of Tuscany, of the minor and marginal province that has marked (and sometimes scarred) our lives. The disfigurements that are not forgotten are the death of Roberto Procelli, a friend. A young Tuscan from Anghiari who left his 20 years among the ruins of Bologna Station. A massacre that killed 84 people with him. It was August 2, 1980. A few weeks before 10.25 on August 2, 1980, CLASH played in Bologna. I wonder if Roberto will have seen the CLASH in Bologna, the CLASH of the fiery Piazza Maggiore concert. A month later Roberto is returning home, maybe he saw that concert, but we'll never know.

From this question, which we have been carrying with us for 25 years, from the death of Roberto and the death of Joe Strummer, voice of the CLASH and soundtrack of our lives, the punk story is born, an adult vision of memories of disbanded young people, who live in laughing Tuscany and dream of urban decay. A story of self-excluded young people, now mature and integrated, reabsorbed into this beautiful society that, in words, wanted to fuck. Ex-young punk aimlessly, who today are 40 years old, are bald and with a broken belly. A burned ex-youth who today lives a boiled maturity.

Andrea Merendelli recounts poetry and the absence of any stage rhetoric with anger and urgency.

From background to its history, the music & nbsp; played live by STRA, a band that has never considered CLASH a former group

 Andrea Merendelli, voice e sotry

 Massimo "Gamma" Dalla Ragione, voice e guitar

Gabriele Dolfi, guitar

Carlo Urci, bass

Ezio Boncompagni, drums 

Luca Alvisi, phonic

Stefan Schweitzer, lights and video

in collaboration with SGANGHERART

Sunday 22 april 2007, at 04.00pm

"Metamorfosi" la nascita , la morte e l'oltre

Butoh dance improvisations

End of laboratory performance direct by Sayoko Onishi



Susanna Accornero, Ilaria Canova, Antonio Caputo, Sergio Carnevale, Caterina Cidda, Irene Lentini, Elena Morando,

Rosanna Schilirò, Eleonora Soricaro

                            fPhoto of Stefano Santoni




Sayoko Onishi was born in Hokkaido in 1968. He studied classical dance first, then later at the Sasaki Mitsuaki Art Dance (Hokkaido) dance academy. From 1987 Starts to work as a dancer. From 1986 to 1988 she was involved with the Hoppon-Butoh-Ha company of Ippey Yamada. In 1989 works with the stable group Takao Nakazawa in Melbourne, Australia
. From 1990 to 1993 she worked as a dancer for the dnaza Butoh Tatoeba company in Berlin. In 1993 he deepened his studies on butoh by studying Tai-chi, chigong with master Hironubu Oikawa.
Performs numerous shows as a soloist in various European countries
: in 1996 at the Butoh dance festival "Chisenhale" in London, at the "Melkweg" theater in Amsterdam and at the International dance theater festival in Karlsruhe in Germany; in 1997 he won the International Solo Dance Competition in Augsburg, Germany; in
1998 participates in the "Five projects" art festival in Tokyo, in '99 at the "Tanz Herbst" in Bremen, Germany; in 2000 he is present at the "Japan Festival", at the Melkweg theater in Amsterdam and at the "Moving Mime Festival" in Tiburg, Holland.

In 2001 she began his activity in Sicily with the Sicilian Dance Association. In 2005 he founded the International Butoh Academy together with theSicilian Association dance in collaboration with Japan Butoh Fondation chaired by master Yoshito Ohno. Since 2005 she is stable choreographer at the "Laboratory Theater" course of the University of Palermo. In 2005 she won the first prize in contemporary dance in Berlin and Tokyo in 2006

inspired by the roots of Butoh, his work aims to unite both western and oriental elements, both tradition and the contemporary.