Dulcamara รจ ricerca. Sogno. Incubo. Dimora del possibile.


Dulcamara is research. Dream. Nightmare. Home of the possible.

Dulcamara is nudity. Disenchantment. Slowness. Question.

The answer, if there is one, is manifold, suspended.

The answer is an offer of "perhaps"... precious but fragile, hospitable but never reassuring... "perhaps" like mouths open wide on the abyss of the contemporary situation, on the abyss of contemporary souls, contemporary bodies, contemporary lives increasingly disconnected from everything and bound to the silence of endless existential prisons.

A chasm that does not divide, but surrounds and creates ground for digging, searching, losing, and sometimes finding...

Formed under the spiritual and artistic guidance of Valentina Cidda in 2004, instead of a theatre company, Dulcamara can be defined as a "working group" of young artists, miners in the mines of actions and words where the impossible encroaches on the probable and the probable leans towards the possible.

A compact nucleus of people, closely united by the same inclination towards a contemporary minimalist taste and an existentialist philosophy that forms a bridge between nihilism and the purest hope...

What unites us is a passion for risk, for exploring the present in all its grim reality, for radical changes in language and modes of perception and communication ...

Dulcamara humbly tries to embody a "way" of telling, presenting and delineating on stage its eloquent accord between substance and appearance.

Dulcamara tries to be a field for expression that is constantly aware of and open to wide-ranging disciplinary fields: from philosophy to biotechnology, from language sciences to contemporary art etc., as well as listening closely to all the appeals brought to the theatre by the avant-gardes of the last decades.

It goes in search of a common root, of a "lack" buried under the formal abundance, of an unchanged and unchangeable nudity of the human soul...

"As I see it, there is only a sigh and a cry for each thing that has to be said... whispered ...

Things to be said are fragile... as fragile as life... we can only whisper them and at the same time be silent about them... almost as if they could be broken by the noise of the world... under its drums of war ... yet this silence... this whisper, makes them immeasurably powerful...

We have to remain as close as possible to the essential, train ourselves for this each day with constant, resolute sweetness ... stay close to this obvious thing that is never said for what it is: the loneliness of each word, the ephemeral nature of each beautiful thing."

Valentina Cidda


Created under the spiritual and artistic guidance of Valentina Cidda Maldesi, Dulcamarateatro is an ongoing research project, nourished by tilting toward a minimalist contemporary style and an expression space always aware and attentive to many disciplines from cinema to sound experimentation passing through philosophy and biotechnology as through science of language of contemporary art. It combines the passion for risk, for exploring the universal and present in human history, the radical changes of languages and also the ways of perception and communication. Always focused on the body and the movements, many jobs fit into the  "Physical Theatre". In 2012 "Babylon" won the Award "Premio Confine Corpo", assigned by the dance company Resextensa, during the Voci dell'anima 2012 Festival.

Then in 2010 we started to collaborate with the Japanese dancer Sayoko Onishi and that placed the company's last work in "dance theater": this collaboration produced also the show NATI (2014).

The company is currently engaged in the new work "OMBRA", "Mishima l'angelo del nulla / Shadow - Mishima the angel of nowhere" that is a co-production in association with Sosta Palmizi.

Currently working in the company are: Erica Archinucci, Caterina Cidda, Valentino Infuso, Mirco Sassoli, Cecilia Ventriglia, Emanuela Filippelli, Valeria Bassi.

The members of the company have various curricula, studying and working among others with Marcello Bartoli, Alvaro Piccardi, Ugo Chiti, Maria Grazia Cipriani, Hal Yamanouchi, Marcel Marceau, Michele Abbondanza, Atir, Marco Martinelli (Teatro delle Albe), Pippo Del Bono, Cesare Ronconi, Mariangela Gualtieri, Alessandro Fabrizi, Danio Manfredini, Sergio Rubini, Viliam Docolomansky, Motus, Gabriella Bartolomei, Giorgio Rossi, Raffaella Giordano, Bruno De Franceschi, Sayoko Onishi, Masque Teatro, Riccardo Massai, Tapa Sudana, Gennadi Nikolaevic Bogdanov, Alessandra Galante Garrone, Emma Dante, Barbara Nativi, Yose Fiadeiro, Francesca Della Monica.