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Under the patronage of : Province of Arezzo

End March 2013 (date to be established)
Contemporary butoh dance workshop
directed by: "Sayoko Onishi"

Permanent theater and cinema workshop      info

Acting through the game of film dubbing     info

directed by Caterina Cidda Maldesi

Practice and use of voice in film dubbing directe by Mario Maldesi   info

Acting course between theater and dubbing

The mechanics of emotionso  intensive theater workshops   info

directed by Valentina Cidda





Film dubbing directed by Mario Maldesi     info


...... to discover Dubbing .... as a game, as a means of human exchange, knowledge, understanding, discussion and acceptance of different languages and cultures ... but also as an inner journey accomplished in the playful & nbsp; challenge of us and our innumerable characters who are usually silent and intimidated.

20-21-22 april 2007

Contemporary Butoh dance workshop  diretto da Sayoko Onishi     

"Metamorphosis - birth, death and beyond..."

11 january - 15 january 2006

Acting and improvisation workshop directed by Alvaro Piccardi    info

Acting and improvisation seminar for actors who want to perfect their techniques and believe in training as a continuous study and research moment, or to young performers who want to learn or deepen the basics of scenic art. The work will focus on the scenes chosen by the participants, a stimulating way to study pieces that the students have in their repertoire or that they must prepare for some show, audition etc.

22 February - 25 February 2006

 Acting workshop condotto da ATIR of Serena Sinigaglia     info

The theme of the workshop concerns the topic of the new work that Atir is preparing as a production: "Collapse of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the communist regimes: 1989".

. "and then it is useless to go around it. Some things you have to meet. Like the right book, like a friend, like a journey, like a lover ... Some things happen to you and you can't do much, especially you can't force them, maybe you can just put yourself in the right position, open up, let yourself go and listen, be alert but relaxed, very relaxed. all about the actor, about the art of acting. The laboratory is therefore a way of living in expectation "Serena Sinigaglia

4 marzo  - 10 march 2006

  Video-teatro Workshop "The senses of time" directed by Giacomo Verde     info

The aim of the workshop is to create a collective performance on the theme of Time that integrates live video projections and stage actions in an organic way. Participants are not required to be actors or computer specialists, video or stage designer but simply to be creatively available to get involved beyond role separations and "trade".