with the Production aid of: Associazione Il Carro di Jan

Created and directed by Valentina Cidda

with:  Beniamino Brogi, Caterina Cidda, Alessio Mariottini, Mirko Sassoli, Agnese Verdelli

Music: Mum, Rachels, Pan-American, Timet, Tricky, Stefano Santoni

light designer: Marcello Lumaca

Immobility. We are in the belly of shadow... dozing... shrunken... Bodies pressed against an invisible placenta. We are waiting for an impending birth. We wait. Unaware and dumb.

Between that sleep and the reawakening... atoms of nothing. And the reawakening is panic: of the world, of the light that reveals, of the wholeness in shattered pieces, of the most unconscious consciousness... Now human figures emerge in a state of disequilibrium... like nettles that have grown from the concrete...

The fluidity of gesture breaks and jolts at the bottom of a slow loss, repeated like an echo... Human figures that oscillate... separate and non-communicating individuality, yet united by a dense and enveloping abyss that cradles ... and at times seems almost loving... We are outside consciousness ... absorbed by an inexorably present absence that usurps the space ...

Gradually each individual will attempt its own way out towards the   "external" world, shouting to it its fragile desire to "be"... but... in vain.

There is no external outlet from oneself... there is no passage.

... Here, escape is declared possible only by reversing the direction from outside to inside... it transforms itself into a sort of disbandment of the soul, visibly expressed by an ideal rupture of bodies and a kind of mental nakedness... gestures remain suspended... laid like empty shells... bodies denounce existential emptiness, need, lack...  referring to the trajectories of their individual weight. The explosion summons the implosion... and a new invisible placenta that hovers over... that cradles... that brings sleep to everything within a horizon that could occupy the space of a day or the length of a dream... indiscriminately.